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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Forget the tunnels, start building in the sky

44 Days --

With the Acura Super Bowl ad highlighting the advances in human flight, it seems only proper to write about the trapeze school in Washington, D.C.

Located near the Nationals Stadium at the Navy Yard waterfront, the trapeze school offers a tempting vacant lot of tall metal poles, ropes and fun looking things to jump from.

This strange location for a trapeze school (a New York one at that) only begs the question of its purpose. Perhaps there's some secretive plot, something akin to HUD's building doubling as a UFO landing pad.

Two alternative uses come to mind. First, this trapeze school is eerily close to the Department of Transportation's headquarters. Perhaps DOT is investigating new modes of transportation to alleviate traffic congestion. Nothing like a little outside the box thinking.

Should probably closely read the FY 2013 DOT highway bill for sure.

In the slightly more likely scenario, it seems as if Jerry Seinfeld was on to something when he offered his personal network of trapeze throughout Manhattan in exchange for the new NSX. Of course, why would Seinfeld need such car if his trapeze network was so efficient? But that's beside the point.

In what would definitely be an interesting and marked change to the Nation's skyline, the possibility of traveling via zip line throughout the Capital would be a welcome change to the current system of subterranean travel. Just imagine the speed that could be built up flying from the National Cathedral down Connecticut Ave to Farragut Square. Sounds like a solid investment to me.

While we search for this line item in DOT's budget, maybe we should go back to the Super Bowl commercial to check out how exactly Seinfeld had that network constructed (although Leno's device grants greater flexibility). Next time I run along the water front I may climb the trapeze pole for some good Sights in My Nikes and to get used to my new form of city travel

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