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Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunny with a chance of snowballs

38 Days -- 

After running 20 miles on Saturday I felt a great sense of accomplishment and pride. Just 6 weeks short of my marathon, I was able to complete my longest and toughest training day yet.

But adding to the feat this Saturday was the diverse weather conditions that I experienced during my 2 hour and 45 minute trek through D.C. and Virginia.

Even though I had the potential to see multiple sights on this lengthy route, the most interesting of the entire run was my continued wardrobe changes to reflect the ever changing weather patterns. (Although the multiple cop cars and ambulance outside a run-down pawn shop off North Capitol in Northeast D.C. was a bit interesting).

With weather conditions changing about as rapidly as Metro escalator service, I wasn't sure whether to be praising or hating Al Gore for inventing global warming.

When I started the run, it was a balmy 45 degrees and completely sunny. In fact people probably thought I was getting ready to start streaking as I kept unzipping and pulling off articles of clothing. You are welcome National Mall goers, my clothes stayed on.

But just as I was cursing myself for wearing a warm running jacket in February and watching several men run by in shorts and t-shirts, the wind whipped up and the clouds rolled in and lordy be, I was zipping that jacket right back up.

Of course as I'm entering the 17th mile of this run, energy on low and trying hard to keep my legs moving forward (I purposefully planned a downhill last few miles, hoping sheer gravity will help me finish), the biggest blizzard of the winter blew up with me in the direct center of it.

With snow blowing and the wind drying the salty sweat to my cheeks, I trudged on, toward my goal of completing the 20 miles.

Can't say I would purposefully go running in a blizzard again, but it was pretty fun to get out and run in some different weather conditions. And considering winter is almost over, I'm definitely glad I had this moment of Sights in My Nikes.

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