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Friday, December 30, 2011

He's Just Not That Into You

81 Days --

In the little game called mating there are usually tell tale signs of attraction. Often us men have difficulty in reading, interpreting and understanding the cues our female counterparts emit.

This unfortunate ability is either a lack of evolutionary prowess on the part of us males or a lack clear emotional communication from the female's.

I would prefer to argue the latter of the two, but the distinction is not the genesis of this post.

Rather than play Dr. Phil and diagnose the signs of relationship trouble, there is at least one clear marker that things are probably not on solid footing.

Here's a note to both sexes: If your partner turns away from a kiss, then proceeds to lean back from a kiss on the second attempt, it's safe to say that he's just not that into you.

Now granted, as the few former women in my life can attest, I am not the king of perfect relationships. In fact I have very little room to criticize or point out flaws in other people's romantic lives--at least they have something that resembles a romantic life.

But the couple near L'Enfant plaza last night should take note: When he backs away from your goodbye kiss, it's probably the last goodbye. Somehow the last kiss is never as magical as that first one.

Nevertheless, if that couple's intention was to save the PDA from happening in front of me, I appreciate that and wish that more would do the same. If not, then better luck the next time I see you with your new man and maybe you will earn a spot in Sights in My Nikes for the polar opposite of this post. 


  1. Hahahah John, what a good post. - Sam C. in case you don't recognize me google account...

  2. thanks Sam! I always get excited when I see something good to write about.