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Sunday, December 18, 2011

HUD's Alien Docking Station

93 Days —

Chalk this one up to UFO/Government conspiracy theories.

We are told that Rosyln (not the one in Virginia) is just a military testing facility. We laugh at claims of UFO spottings (probably because all the 'witnesses' need a new dental plan and always see the mysterious object while in their bass boat with a beer — or two — in hand).

But in the world of supernatural encounters, there exist legitimate theories — the ancient civilizations had help from above to build their elaborate and precise structures; the random crop circles that a farmer in his John Deere could not produce; and the White House zapping in Independence Day.

Let's add one more to the plausible list: The Department of Housing and Urban Development headquarters near L'Enfant Plaza and it's 'space port.'

Aside from the curvature and layout of the building, the space port saucers in the courtyard do not resemble any humanoid creation. These white saucers must serve no other purpose than as a docking station or some sort of signal to the aliens.

Some might claim that the saucers are rejects from Epcot — doubtful because it lacks mouse shape; could be a shield from the rain — nope it's got a giant hole in the middle; protection from the wind? — only if you are as skinny as the pole; artistic beauty? — yeah if you live on Mars; alien docking station — absolutely.

Since I am not in a bass boat, my teeth are in general working order and I am lacking a cold beer, I can definitely state I am not the authority on UFO's. So UFO theories aside, the architectural design does resemble that of The Jetsons. It's unfortunate that human society has not advanced to the caliber of the Jetsons era, as that must have been what the 1970 architects expected when designing these courtyard saucers.

Nevertheless, while I (and those saucers) wait for aliens to touch down or for George Jetson style transportation I'll keep running and taking in the outta this world Sights in My Nikes.

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